My main reason for linking to this BAFTA story has to do with Best Actress winner, Olivia Colman, who is a star of The Favourite (she played Queen Anne).

In 2006 she starred in a role which was somewhat less regal. It required her to be completely naked throughout the film. The film is Confetti, and here are some images of her in that movie.

Tatiana-Laurens Delarue (a French TV presenter) was embarrassed when one breast fell completely out of her top while she was presenting her thoughts on some panel show.

Apparently this happened last May 25. It was a show called “The television of,” presented by Julien Courbet on C8. Tatiana Laurens subsequently explained, “The microphone is too heavy for my right breast.” The man to her side joked “For the next show we each need two microphones.”

Time really snuck up on me with that one. I still think of her has the perpetual ingenue.

Diane was the beautiful, innocent love interest in a host of 1980’s genre pics. Bill and Ted saved her from the Royal Ugly Dudes. The devil cajoled her in the Garden of Eden, in a film called Second Time Lucky. Our hero tried hard to seduce her in Better Off Dead. Our hero lost, then won, then sadly lost her again in The Last American Virgin (pictured in this clip).

After some time off to enjoy normal life, she recently wrote a memoir entitled “Diane Franklin: The Excellent Adventures of the Last American, French Exchange Babe of the 80s,” and has now apparently resumed full-time acting, IMDb shows her in three flicks in either 2019 or 2018, and she will be in another that has not yet posted its cast at IMDb. One of the flicks is a new Amityville film, which is fitting because Diane was in Amityville II almost 40 years ago. (Gasp!) Another of her new films, the one for which IMDb does not yet list a cast, is called This Gets Ruff, and will be directed by her daughter!


Diane Franklin’s daughter is a seasoned show-biz pro.

Well, I doubt that will happen.

The removal of a President is a political process, not a legal one, because the Constitution does not define an impeachable offense other than “high crimes and misdemeanors,” a phrase which means whatever Congress says it means. The reality is that if you’re going to remove him from office, you need the votes of 67 senators. As I’ve noted many times, there is no reasonably imaginable Trump action that would cause that to happen.

What if Trump gave Putin a blow job while they both shit on an American flag?

Nah. The GOP spin doctors would say we are coming closer to peace by having better relations with Russia.

Maybe if he dropped an atomic bomb on Wall Street …

Doesn’t seem possible, does it? I’m always flabbergasted when these sirens become eligible for their AARP cards, but it’s especially true with Aniston since she looked so spectacular, maybe the sexiest of her life, just a few years ago in “We’re the Millers.” (2013; see below)

Here is her famous topless outtake from The Break-Up (2006)

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) pledged this week in her campaign kickoff that she would never stop fighting everyday Americans. “I will stand up to the common man—with my fists,” said Klobuchar, asserting that she would take on all Americans—rich, poor, black, white, straight, or gay—in an all-out brawl until every last one was bleeding and unconscious. “As president, I promise the American people an open exchange of blows. I will not hold back in beating every citizen to a pulp. Just like I’ve fought tooth and nail against the people of Minnesota.”

(The Onion)