Results by category

There were two surprises:

Roma did not win the Best Picture category. The trophy went to Green Book.

Glenn Close came up short yet again. Olivia Colman won the Best Actress statuette.

The most interesting storyline of the night was the supposed advance leak of Best Director. At the last minute, the betting odds on Yorgos Lanthimos, the director of “The Favourite,” went from 45-1 to even. The wagering was so crazy that some sites closed the betting in that category. As it turns out, the scuttlebutt was NOT correct. Alfonso Cuaron won, as expected. I guess that made it a good day for bookies, as they got to pocket all that Lanthimos money.

Now we all understand that the “15 minutes of fame” is a figurative expression, but the amazing thing about the 15 minutes for Lanthimos is that Warhol’s prediction was almost LITERALLY accurate. The betting anomalies began on the day of the Oscar telecast, which is pretty much the first time anyone knew who the hell he was. I suppose his 15 minutes of fame are now up, and he can go back to making his weird, small-audience movies. I would not have been able to recall his name yesterday, and I’m pretty sure I will not remember his name tomorrow when I talk about this. I’ll be referring to him as “that Greek dude.”

Maybe he started the rumors, hoping to heighten his brand awareness and thrust his name into contention for major pictures in the future. That would be genius!