For five years in the late 60s and early 70s, she was one of the go-to women for screen nudity. And that period was it for her r-rated activities. Before then she was a child star, acting with Flipper. After then she was a frequent guest on bad network TV shows in the USA, probably acting with Flipper again. I don’t actually know about her interaction with watery mammals, but if you can name an insipid TV show from the late 70s, you can bet that she showed up in it at one time or another: Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Police Woman …

Somehow, per IMDb, she managed to avoid Love American Style.

Anyway, she realized that her career was going nowhere beyond an occasional small part on Barnaby Jones, so she hung it up around 1981, and I have no idea what she did after she left acting. She did emerge from seclusion in 2014 to do a DVD commentary track for The Legend of Hell House.

Oh, yeah – the nekkid stuff.


She began her screen nudity by showing her breasts to the great Marlon Brando himself in The Night of the Following Day (1969, age 18)

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She followed that right up the same year with some very nice nudity in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, a film which got some Oscar nods. One of those Oscar nominations was for a song which could easily compete for the worst of all time: “Jean, Jean, you’re young and alive,” which definitely beats the living bejeezus out of old and dead.

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She then did some surprisingly graphic nudity in a cheapie Bert I Gordon horror film called The Witching (1972), which was also released in a tamer version entitled Necromancy. I think she even got her pubes into the scene where she’s burnt at the stake.

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The Witching was perhaps the acme of Pamela’s nude career, but it may have been the very nadir of Orson Welles’s entire career, and possibly of his life as well. (* Once I ran the Mercury Theater and built Citizen Kane from scratch, and now I wear a silly cape and take direction from the guy who directed The Amazing Colossal Man.*) For a while there, Orson was just a half-step above Ed Wood movies.

SIDEBAR: Bert I Gordon is still alive, aged 99!

Back to the topic, Pamela’s final nude scene was this dark, unimpressive exposure in The Legend of Hell House, circa 1973.

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