Comments and collages by Brainscan:

Hollywood High (1976) accurately portrays life in an average high school about as well as Lord of the Rings tells the story of a typical medieval European country. Four gals frolic topless in a pool or engage in some collective form of sexual contact with their BFs, all of which is just fine and dandy.

Three of the women are played by:

Mary Albrecht,

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cute little Sherry Hardin

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and Susanne Severeid.

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But what absolutely makes the movie is Rae Sperling, especially the scene in which she pleasures a little person – it is a triple B performance. Ms. Sperling reminded me of a scene in Love and Death, where a character points out a woman to Woody Allen and says to him, she has an ample bosom, yes? And Woody replies, ample for a regiment. By that metric, Ms. Sperling was ample for a division, perhaps a corps. This was one of two movies she made, both of which had her appear in the buff, for which we can all be very happy.

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