I haven’t read his material in years. He’s still funny.

“Spider-Man visits Siegfried and Roy enthusiast Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch Wellington Salisbury Bedminster), a magician who comes off very much like a chiropractor who demands to be called doctor when putting his name on the wait list at TGI Fridays, buys tight t-shirts with glitter on them, and double parks his BMW.”

… what Denise Richards looks like topless these days.

It’s difficult to believe that the Wild Thing could be in her 50s. How did so many years go by so rapidly? But the calendar doesn’t lie. I have now been writing the Fun House for 27 years, Other Crap for 20.

Here’s a look at a 2003 edition of Other Crap after I converted it to Blogger’s platform in 2007. It is dated 2003, and those are 2003 links, but that’s not what the site really looked like when I first published it in 2002-2003. Those links got retro-fitted into Blogger’s template. When first published, the site was just a really primitive list of links, with little comment. I created it because the Fun House was becoming too large and unwieldy, and the “other crap” was distracting the focus away from naked celebrities. (The Original Fun House once included all the features now spun off to the Ballpark, the Movie House and Other Crap.)

OC first started to look something like today’s page in 2007, but it was still just links, notes and reader comments. The images didn’t really become a regular feature until I switched over to Word Press in late 2018.