August 12th update:

“U.S. actress Anne Heche dies after being pulled off life support”

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  1. FWIW, & speaking only for myself, I try not to judge strangers unless that’s in some way my duty. I believe my interest in actors is their performances & there it ends. I’m not cheered by death & when it’s horrific, then that’s what it is. That’s how I feel about this story & its aftermath. The End.

      1. Thereby qualifying her for one of California’s Senate seats.

        Now that I consider it, given California’s taxes, legally dead may be the smart move.

    1. I think maybe “legally dead” is missing the key point, which is that the earlier family statement said still on life support while evaluating organ donation. If the quote “pulled off life support” is accurate, the vestiges of heartbeat & any other “vital signs” now being also absent, that’d be a true change of status. We stop adding the qualifier once “officially” & “commonly-called” are aligned.

  2. The Daily Mail in the UK has an article with various claims about the Anne Heche crash here.

    I don’t know how reliable they are. The article does include photos of Heche that day and of the crashed car.

    1. Not sure, vague impression Daily Mail is a tabloid, but the story seems basically honest, thorough reporting, if kind of rushed & disorganized.

  3. I am sure there was blood drawn at the hospital so it seems likely that we will learn what was responsible for her impairment. It seems all but certain that she was impaired in someway. She may have been drunk or high on an illicit substance, meaning she belongs in jail (after she recovers of course). On the other hand she may have suffered some kind of medical episode. She may have had a bad but unexpected reaction to a prescription medicine. In either of those cases she probably wouldn’t have any criminal liability. If she was taking a prescription medicine that specifically warned her not to drive, that’s different.

    I basically gave up driving almost a decade ago when I started taking Oxycodone for back pain. When I first started taking it, I asked a doctor how much of it I could take and still be OK to drive. I wanted to know if there was an equivalent rule to it being OK to have one alcoholic drink per hour and still be OK to drive. He replied that it depended on how I felt. I was really hoping for a more objective rule. So I stopped driving and got an Uber account. I did drive my mother to the ER once after she suffered a seizure, but as I recall I had taken only 1 pill up to that point. I could have called an ambulance, but they would not have taken her to the best hospital and I didn’t feel impaired. Still, I wasn’t willing to trust that feeling absent an emergency. Who knows? Maybe Anne Heche was so wasted she thought she was driving someone to the hospital and thought that house was the ER entrance?

    1. You make good points. I’d add, though, that your hypotheticals, while illustrating how much we don’t know yet, in effect add to the preceding speculation & judgementalism.

      I don’t disapprove of any of them, neither your comment nor the earlier ones. I’d just note that we’ll either find out more, soon enough, or we won’t be told & maybe we’ll never know. This is so, because it’s really none of our beeswax.

      Second, my oddball take on “self-medicating”. Dolores O’Riordan drowned drunk-bathing. Early reports mentioned bouts with depression. My early take was that it might well have been suicide. Despite, of course, other indications that her life was on a positive swing. I was pretty emotional, either way. Still, in the end, I was not in the loop. My feelings were no part of the calculation. I was not alone, but we were all on the outside, looking in.

      And, my take: whether it’s drugs that make you high or drugs that merely make you not-yourself, there’s something about drugs-taking that’s akin to suicide. Suicide by cop, suicide by car, & putting yourself in a position of out-of-control over your own fate, seem to me to have something in common.

      As always… YMMV.

      1. I can confidently say that if I have a fatal drug overdose, it will not have been an accident. If I ever did decide to end it all, it would almost certainly be the Oxycodone. One thing I would never want to do is risk harm to other people. Suicide by cop is wrong for so many reasons. First, even if the gun you point at the cop is empty, the cop might miss you and hit a bystander. If the cop kills you, they may very well end up needing therapy. Hopefully they get help instead of self medicating and driving their car into someone’s house. But even if you don’t care about hurting other people, there is no guarantee you won’t survive getting shot. Ouch. No, a gram or two of Oxycodone should put a person to sleep painlessly.

        But not tonight. The Mets are 30 games over 500 for the first time in 16 years. They just swept the 2nd place Braves in a double header and have Jacob deGrom pitching against them tomorrow. So I really have too much to live for. If they lose in the playoffs, that might change. Probably not though. At least so long as they don’t just blow it September after being up 7 games with 17 to play and then not making the playoffs. But that could never happen. Certainly not to the Mets!!! It couldn’t happen to them twice, right? Please say right…

    1. When someone is driving under the influence, narrowly missing killing people and trying to drive away, it is far better that they end up injured or killed than any innocent person.

      1. I have an even better idea. How about nobody gets injured or killed? In my opinion, there is a hair’s breadth’s difference between “better her than them” and “she got what’s coming to her.”

  4. “The woman who rents the home that Heche crashed into narrowly escaped death, according to Roy Morgen who witnessed the crash. Morgen told CBSLA that the blue Mini copper rammed right through the room the woman was sitting in.“

    A danger to herself and the public at large.

  5. Sounds like a drunk suicide mission to me. She’s always been a wackadoo. Years ago she showed up at a complete stranger’s house asking to take a shower… and did. When she got out she had no idea where she was, sat on the couch for a while in a daze, until they called police. That was creatively bizarre psycho behavior, give her credit, but this one beats that. Crashing into not 1 but 2 structures, the 2nd becoming fully engulfed.

    1. “Sounds like a drunk suicide mission to me. ”

      Same or similar thing already happened very recently. A woman drove, estimated 80 to 100 mph speed in the busy city streets, and caused a huge crash that killed multiple. Right before that, she was drunk and had an argument with BF. It was horrific.

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