Blue tears – the voice of the Dodgers has gone silent

Ol’ Vin and I led very different lives, but we both loved old-time baseball, graduated from Fordham and got our start in radio at WFUV. I feel like I lost an uncle.

9 thoughts on “Blue tears – the voice of the Dodgers has gone silent

  1. Scoop: One of the many articles I’ve read today mentioned a Fordham course called “Eloquentia Perfecta” as a huge influence on Scully, one of the most naturally eloquent persons I’ve ever heard speak. Was it still there when you went through? And, if so, how did your infamous classmate pass it? (His sister the judge would be my guess).

    1. I can’t say for sure, but I was intending to be a communication major, and didn’t know of such a course.

      1. Apparently, it was a requirement at the time – late 40s – which had been dropped by your time and perhaps later revived. It’s referred to in a link in Verducci’s article now up on SI. Sounds like Trump got lucky.
        There’s a link to another great article, the Transistor Kid, from’64. When I lived there all of Southern California really did tune in.

  2. He knew exactly how to let a moment play out – with crowd noise, etc. and not say a word.

  3. His call of the last inning of the Koufax perfect game is way more famous than the game itself which marked the first time anyone had thrown four no-hitters.

  4. I was a nine-year old living in Whittier CA in 1958 when the Dodgers came West. He was my introduction to baseball. Small wonder I love the game.
    I would not be surprised if Southern California pretty much closes down for the funeral.

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