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New January 6 pics below.

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Léonie Dahan-Lamort in “tout fout le camp”:

Isabelle Carré in “la dégustation”:

French version, with extensive commentary

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Fred Olen Ray is still directing and producing B-movies, more than 40 years after his debut. He made his first one, The Brain Leeches, in 1978 for less than $300. He has created films in many genres, basically encompassing the full gamut of low-budget filmmaking: horror films, westerns, action films, sci-fi adventures, comedies, softcore exploitation films – even Christmas movies! Because his films sometimes feature nude scenes, you may be familiar with such classics as Evil Toons, Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfolds and Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers.

Excluding documentaries and shorts, he has directed 65 films. Nobody can say he’s losing his touch. This one, his most recent, is also his highest rated at IMDb, so he’s actually doing of his best work after retirement age.

He’s the Clint Eastwood of crap.

Of course, his output garners somewhat less respect than Clint’s. This film might be his highest-rated, but it’s still only scored 5.3!

Keep Chambers

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Carrie Overgaard

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This film is little-known, but the nude scenes are some of the best of the millennium

Brainscan did the comments and collages below:

“Below Her Mouth came out in 2017 but somehow, some way sailed over my radar because it is a winner, winner chicken dinner of a performance by Natalie Krill. BTW, do you think, with a name like hers, she avoids swimming among blue whales the way most of us avoid great white sharks? No matter – Natalie does a most convincing performance in a bath tub with running water pointed precisely where she wants it. Most convincing. Very precise. And then Erika Linder joins her in a scene that set my computer on fire the first time I played it. Think of it as Brown Bunny without the male equipment. This movie belongs on the short list of all-time best Funhouse-worthy productions of the past… oh, I don’t know … century.”

Erika Linder

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Erika Linder and Natalie Krill

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Natalie Krill

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SCOOP’S NOTE: I voted for Krill in our annual ballot for the best nude scene of 2017. She did not win, but did finish in the top twenty. Film clip here.