It’s a 2022 film, but oddly enough, I didn’t hear this film mentioned at all on the Golden Globes last night. Maybe it got some off-camera awards.

Film clip here.

There is a sample below, but this is not the kind of scene that is well represented by a still because everything is in constant motion. You really have to watch it to get the effect.

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La Porta Rossa is an Italian series that comes out on an irregular basis. (Season one was in 2017, season two in 2019, season three in 2023)

Here is the premise: “Leonardo Cagliostro, a policeman, dies and decides to stay on Earth in order to find out more about the circumstances of his death and to save his wife, Anna, who’s in danger.”

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Get out your popcorn out for this one, which will end up with many matters to be decided by the judiciary.

Jim Jordan will be investigating the Jan 6th investigation – of which he is almost certainly a target. Should an FBI officer be forced to reveal details of an investigation to the guy he’s investigating? The common sense answer is obvious, but the legal answer is not.

Furthermore, there could be a battle of subpoenas. Jordan could be issuing subpoenas to the investigators while they are issuing subpoenas to him to testify about his actions on and leading up to January 6th. The DoJ will obviously challenge any congressional subpoena in court if the subpoena interferes with a criminal investigation, and the Supreme Court will probably have to sort it out eventually. The congressman, on the other hand, can’t ignore a grand jury subpoena. Judges take those very seriously. In the most extreme example, it could actually end up with Jordan questioning a guy one day, then getting arrested by the same guy the next day!