“Wisconsin is Really, Really Drunk”

According to this list, my current home town is the drunkest in the United States.

Better yet, the two nearest metro areas, Green Bay to the Northeast and Oshkosh/Neenah to the South, are the next two on the list. In fact, Wisconsin has 9 of the top 12 in the USA.

Chant along with me:

We’re number 1
We’re number 1

In Wisconsin, this chant is also a drinking game. Take a drink each time you hear the number “one.”

One thought on ““Wisconsin is Really, Really Drunk”

  1. I was gonna say that Sconny is the Patriots of drinking. But really it’s more like New England is the drunk Wisconsin of football.
    Also, your governor doesn’t seem like if he went to a whorehouse, he’d get caught.

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