The main rat, Punxsutawney Phil, did not, which means an early spring, or a late spring, or maybe Ragnarok. I know it’s one of those, but I always forget which one. I suppose our Wisconsin rodents did see their shadows, since we had a beautiful sunny day and 50 degrees. Therefore our spring will be the opposite of whatever Pennsylvania is having.

The Sanders surge seems to have upset the applecart

The two most recent polls (1, 2) indicate that Bernie is the most likely winner, possibly by a substantial margin

The average of those two:
Crazy Bernie 28
Sleepy Joe 18
Pocahontas 17.5
Alfred E Neuman 15

Well, I think the most likely winner of that competition is actually Donald Trump.

Which raises an important question: Do any foreign powers have any good dirt on Bernie? “Russia, if you’re listening …”

Let me digress in tone for a second to present a serious point. Trump may change his mind about Russian interference if Bernie gets the nomination. I think there’s a good chance the Russkies may prefer Bernie, on the assumption that he will hurt the American economy. Man, will the Donald be singin’ a different tune if that happens.