SCOOP’s NOTE: The altitude of Seoul is probably just a coincidence. It’s hard to imagine Trump looking up a fact. I base that on the Maynard G Krebs rule, which states that Trump’s reaction to “facts” is the same as Maynard’s reaction to “work.”

FOLLOW-UP: He was wrong. The police got him before the Rapture. To be fair, his arrest may not stop him from holding services again next Sunday. Stay tuned.

The original story:

“This is the clear and present danger … people continuing to congregate — squeezing into close quarters like sardines — and that’s exactly what happened Sunday at a Florida Church. The River Church in Tampa was packed to the gills with worshipers who clearly were looking for hope. Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, who presides over the megachurch and has been reportedly defiant over social distancing, has claimed he’ll cure coronavirus just the way he did with Zika.”