Well, I guess we’ve always known that, but more specifically, the results of the caucuses are fucked up.

While we wait, here are the results of the entrance polling.


Some observations

The age of voters:

Bernie’s popularity is inversely proportionate to age, and the difference is one of the most dramatic I have ever seen in demographic studies.

He is preferred by:

age 17-28: 48%
age 30-44: 33%
age 45-64: 11%
old geezers: 4%

Biden and Klobuchar’s support is exactly opposite to Bernie’s. The older the voters, the more they like those two.

Buttigieg and Warren show consistent support among all ages.


Bernie’s support resembles Trump’s in one way – he is overwhelmingly more popular with the less educated. He pulls 16% with college graduates, 30% with the non-degreed.


  • The people who care most about foreign policy prefer Biden by a landslide, and basically ignore Bernie and Warren.
  • Those whose major concern is “who can beat Trump” surprisingly (to me) prefer Mayor Pete! Biden is a close second.

Audrey Tautou is topless in a new English-language remake of the French classic, Going Places.

That probably doesn’t sound too odd to you, but the details are fascinating. One of the two male leads is played by John Turturro, as one of his famous movie characters, Jesus Quintana from The Big Lebowski. The alternate title for the film is The Jesus Rolls. There are only two reviews available, Variety and The Hollywood reporter, and they were not positive.

(The Coen Brothers were not involved in this project in any way, and it is not a sequel to The Big Lebowski. They simply gave Turturro permission to base a story on his character. The film is simply as I described it, a remake of Going Places with the Depardieu character being replaced by The Jesus.)

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Gretchen Mol in Forever Mine

I wonder if Gretchen would have achieved the stardom predicted for her if this movie had ever been released and had become a major hit.

Before I watched it all the way through, it had been something of a mystery to me. “Why was this film was never released theatrically?” I wondered. It was directed by long-time Hollywood insider Paul Shrader, one of the industry’s best screenwriters, who wrote three Martin Scorsese masterpieces, including Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. It stars Joseph “Shakespeare” Fiennes, then a hot property. It was shown in Toronto and Telluride. It has some beautiful cinematography by John Bailey, and when was the last time you saw a straight-to-VHS film in a gorgeous 2.35:1 aspect ratio?

Lots of plusses. So what went wrong?

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“It’s from a 2015 couples therapy session in which Amber purportedly confesses to physically abusing Johnny.”

I doesn’t seem that there’s any “purportedly” involved. The tapes are almost professional quality, so Heard can be heard clearly, and the link above has a full hour-long conversation between them. If you don’t have the patience for that, here’s a brief but significant sample:

Amber has had other domestic violence issues in the past.