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Mélanie Doutey in “Inexorable”:

Roxane Duran in “Eight for silver”:

Anaïs Parello in “i-Art”:

Aloïse Sauvage in “Stalk”:

Félécité Chaton in “en avoir ou pas”:

Paula Luna in “After Blue Paradis Sale”:

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Kiké had four hits including two homers and a double. He also saved three runs with a diving, bases-loaded catch with two outs and runners going.

But he’s just one guy. When it came to the entire team, the Astros had the right stuff. Carlos Correa now has as many post-season homers as Mickey Mantle. (They had a similar number of opportunities. Correa has 288 post-season plate appearances, while Mantle had 273.) As good as Mantle in the post-season? That is very good indeed – but the rest of the story is that Altuve has two more than either of them!

Sidebar: The article says, “In best-of-seven postseason series with the current 2-3-2 format, teams winning Game 1 at home have gone on to win the series 62 of 94 times (66 percent).” It’s interesting that 66% is the exact percentage predicted by mathematical probability. Assuming two teams are equal, either of them has a 34% chance of winning four or more out of six.

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This reminds me of a funny story that Martin Short tells on his pal Steve Martin. “It’s amazing how Steve’s appeal is so universal that it reaches across the generations. As we met some people after one of our shows, a small child said to her mom, pointing to Steve, ‘Mommy, look – the jerk.’ She later found out that Steve was also in a movie by that name.”

Which is basically another spin on this Ricky Gervais joke: “And this year we saw James Corden as a fat pussy. And he was also in the movie Cats.”