It’s a low-budget thriller, and a fairly obscure one with only 200 votes on IMDb, which describes it as follows:

“When a local cop and an overzealous social-worker follow clues on missing persons cases around town, stomach-turning discoveries are unearthed on a pig farm, where the town butcher has been slaughtering more than livestock.”

Sounds delightful! For me, nothing says “The Holiday Season” more than stomach-turning discoveries on a pig farm, and nothing could be more of a turn-on than women with rotted teeth.

The naked, rotting, soon-to-be-butchered women are:

RaSandra Daniels

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Rebecca Knox

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If you are in a place that is not ravaged by war or terrorism, rejoice and give thanks.

If you have a full belly and a warm place to sleep, rejoice and give thanks.

If your loved ones are healthy and happy, rejoice and give thanks

If you are in NATO shipping things to Ukraine, rejoice and give tanks.

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I’m giving more thanks than usual this year because, around last March and April, I did not foresee waking up in another November, but here we are, on the 28th anniversary of Uncle Scoopy’s Fun House. So above all, if you are alive and can still laugh and appreciate the sight of a beautiful naked woman, rejoice and give thanks.