“If your kid doesn’t know about the dangers of cows being abducted by aliens then you are basically a failure as a parent. As parents, we of course want our children to have fun. But we also want to educate them, so that they can be aware of the problems they will have to confront when they go out into the real world, such as cows being abducted by aliens.”

… which beats the hell out of a crappy bottle of wine.

“In a move that left onlookers in awe, Rita Ora attended the British Vogue’s “Forces For Change” Party in a transparent dress, showcasing her beautiful bare breasts and nipples. The daring fashion statement also included a glimpse of her stunning ass, making it a night to remember.”

Rita is wearing approximately the legal minimum. Sample:

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There was one thing I could never understand about Casta. She certainly had plenty of money, as she was once the single most in-demand model in the world, as well as a successful actress. So why didn’t she get her teeth fixed? The crooked teeth certainly spoiled the illusion of her perfection.

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In 2023, she remains one of the world’s most beautiful women, but never got her teeth straightened.

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