Drunken Stepfather noted:

FOOTWEAR NEWS put out a feature on Jessica Simpson, who we can assume is an icon in the FOOTWEAR world. I don’t know if Footwear News is like being on the cover of Vogue, but I am sure it is in some circles of foot fetishist. The good news is that along with looking a bit like a spooky scary vampire, the popstar turned K-Mart brand billionaire is no longer fat and that is a good thing.”

This is a low-budget Canadian film which posits that the zombie apocalypse will be more like the pandemic – turning people into mindless, robotic zombies rather than the usual brain-eating ones. Leave it to Canada to make zombies polite.

There’s not much violence, but lots of paranoia, as the zombie disease spreads. It’s not a film likely to become renowned, and I’m not recommending it, but I feel that the director created the intended ambiance with very little money. The film is thick with gloomy atmosphere. As you watch it, you feel as if you were alone and fearful in the dark, forbidding world of an isolated community struggling through perpetual winter darkness in the far north of Canada.

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The other woman with Colleen is the film’s star, Niamh Carolan, who may or may not have a brief nipple-slip in one of these frames.

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“WWE legend Sunny, whose real name is Tammy Sytch, was sentenced Monday to nearly two decades in prison and nearly a decade of probation for a deadly DUI crash in Florida last year.”

The woman we see today is pretty much unrecognizeable as the 1990s rasslin’ diva. I lost track of her DUI arrests several years ago, but the fatal crash was something like her 7th DUI. At a point like that, judges tend to view the defendants as incorrigible and a menace to society.