Soon she will have learned enough to complete her mission and return to her home planet. And skeptics say we have never been visited by aliens!

She just did a new photoshoot in one of our primitive Earth outfits that is intended to show off the cleavage and curves of an earth woman. Apparently the females of her species don’t actually have those same contours, so she just looks kind of odd.

Unlike Shelley Hennig in episode 1, several other female cast members were quite willing to impress us with their mammaries.

Paola Lazaro in episode 2

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Alyson Gorske in episode 4

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Kimi Rutledge in episode 7

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I assume that Paola Lazaro didn’t fuck around because nobody fucks around with Paola Lazaro.

(This has been your obscure Vonnegut reference o’ the day.)

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