Trump opposes renaming US military bases named after Confederate leaders

In contrast, General Petraeus wrote:

“These bases are home to soldiers who swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. The irony of training at bases named for those who took up arms against the United States, and for the right to enslave others, is inescapable to anyone paying attention. Now, belatedly, is the moment for us to pay such attention.”

A better topic for discussion: I know it’s really impossible to do so, but ignore slavery for a moment and pretend these people fought for some just cause. Even if we forgive that unforgivable sin, we still have to ask, “Why did the US ever have military bases named after men who led troops against the US military?”

I can’t decide which of his numbers I like best. The Lama’s unique version of “Baby Got Back” is great, and I love it when guest artist Lady Gaga sings “Hello, Dalai” to him, but I think my favorite is when he puts on blackface and does his Al Jolson impersonation on “Mammy.”

The only real disappointment on the album is his odd decision to select NWA’s Fuck the Police for his long-awaited duet with Tony Bennett, although one must concede his timing coincides perfectly with the current protest zeitgeist. The Lama always knows how to read the room.

Other tracks (from the comments):

Dolpopa Don’t Preach
I’m Too Zen (For My Shirt)
It’s A Beautiful Day In The Buddahood
I’m Like A Bird (In A Former Life)
Jonang On Me
Thangka For Being A Friend

and of course
Karma Chameleon

I think he’ll have a ton of big hits.

Big hitter, the Lama.

Absent any testimony to the contrary, my best guess is that her nude scene was done by a body double.

Here is the one “nude” image that is definitely she. An image super-brightened to an extreme demonstrates that her crotch has been digitally censored by a black rectangle.

image host

The rear views could be anyone, and avoid any identification.

image host image host

On the other hand, an actress named Catherine Toribio had a legitimate nude scene in that episode.

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