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The facts produce the exact opposite conclusion from the one Trump reaches. All the Americans who were in danger from those wars voted by mail! Therefore, following that example, all Americans in danger from COVID should vote by mail.

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If a woman has one nipple is that acceptable for puritanical American corporations aka The Controllers? Is my one nipple so offensive that the public must be saved from all women’s bodies? What law does my one nipple violate? If you say none, you are correct. What if I nursed in public with my one nipple? Would that get me arrested? The answer is no. My body would scare the police officer away with my strangeness. Why is one nipple considered not sexual and two nipples are considered fuck toys that lure innocent men to their doom? Why do those with of us with breasts get punished and shamed for the male culture’s fetishistic desire? Why do nursing women get slut shamed and arrested by police. (Btw- if they are doing that to women feeding their babies, imagine what they do to other races besides white- fuck them) anyway, I was just curious what kind of response this will elicit. Let me know if one nipple = non- sexual and if two nipples = sexual. *I love conducting social experiments in case you can’t tell.* #RoseArmy #CulturalReset

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“Brooklyn Nine-Nine is going back to the drawing board in light of the recent nationwide protests against police violence.

The NBC cop comedy is already set to return for an eighth season, but cast member Terry Crews told Access Daily that the writers are scrapping all the episodes they’ve written for next season and starting from scratch. “