Here it is in VHD:

According to some reports, the explosion was so loud that it could be heard in Alaska!

Here is a satellite photo that shows the size of the initial cloud compared to the size of Australia (click to enlarge)

The Tonga Online website has some pics from surface level.

“A GOP senator who was called a ‘moron’ by Dr. Fauci is planning to introduce the FAUCI Act, which will require financial records for administrative officials to be public”

Only one slight problem with that … Roger Marshall was such a moron that he didn’t realize that they already are public! Here is Fauci’s info, if you’re interested. It took me less than 15 seconds to find what Marshall said his staff was unable to find. Any more recent filings are available upon request.

Of course, there is another problem with passing financial disclosure legislation – guys like Sen. Roger Marshall just feel free to ignore the laws!

Ah, the irony.

The book, her second, was published in 2016.

“Now more commonly remembered for her quite brilliant breakthrough acting performance in the Safdie Brothers’ 2019 film Uncut Gems, work that ultimately earned her a nomination for the Breakthrough Actor Award at the 2019 Gotham Awards, Fox has been tirelessly ploughing away in the real of artistic expression for years, often attempting to find new ways of representing herself in various creative formats.”


More examples

Some similar images are found in another book of hers, Heartburn/Nausea. For example, this.


Complicated woman:

“13 Things You Should Know” about her.