From LACMA 2022.

It’s no simple matter to make the magnificently sexy Ms. Sweeney look silly, but some fashion designer was up to the challenge. I know where that costume came from – Big Bird accidentally washed his costume with his red underwear.

Here’s a vaguely related item for trivia fans: Caroll Spinney was the last original cast member to leave Sesame Street. He played Big Bird for 49 years, and was still wearing the bird suit at age 83.

Spinney has now passed away, but some of the original cast members are still with us. Bob McGrath (Bob) is 90. Loretta Long (Susan) is 84. Frank Oz (Grover, Cookie Monster, Bert, others) is a mere stripling at 78.

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new pics 11/11 (if you don’t see thumbnails below, this link should work):

Naima Rodric in “overdose”: she is best known for 2 daily series


Karin Viard in “Maria rêve”:

Gaia Weiss in “Marie-Antoinette”:

French version (with extensive commentary)

Charlie’s archives (1000s of collages, no ads, no subscription)

Two important matters from Charlie’s French version, translated.

La Tour: A contemporary and radical Malevil, not to be missed. Marie Rémond and Judith Willequet are totally naked, while Lina-Camélia Lumbroso and Angèle Mac are topless.

Les Cyclades: A return to Le Grand Bleu, tender and funny, a real success. Laure Calamy hides nothing, Kristin Scott-Thomas reminds us of her little bony ass (as Melanie Griffith would say), and Olivia Côte reveals a little bit of breast.

Peter Greenaway is at the same time my favorite and least favorite filmmaker. His sense of visual artistry and his fascination with symmetry make his photographic composition incomparable. Just about every frame of his films could be captured and hung in a museum, and that leaves me impressed, even envious. On the other hand, his talent fights a never ending war with his many obsessions and his pretentiousness. When his talent wins, his films represent a unique experience. They leave you feeling that you have encountered great art. When his obsessions win he’s just weird and (to be honest) boring.

Of course, two of the things he obsesses about are nudity and sexuality, so he has created some of the most stunning nude scenes in film history, and has managed to get some great and distinguished beauties to show absolutely everything to his camera, often in very weird scenes. Some that come to mind are Julia Ormond (The Baby of Macon); Joely Richardson (Drowning By Numbers); Helen Mirren (The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover); and my all-time celebrity crush, Caroline Dhavernas (The Tulsa Luper Suitcases).

I will be going through Tuna’s tributes to Greenaway, starting with this bizarre film.

Today: Amanda Plummer. Greenaway probably didn’t need much persuasion to get Amanda to do weird nude scenes. That’s kind of her thing.

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If you have HBO Max, you can find this under its original title, Vale Dos Esquecidos. I tried to get into the series, but could make neither hide nor hair of it. These are, however, two very sexy scenes, much better than conveyed by the stills. In the first scene, another woman rubs oils on Maide during her bath. In the second scene, Maide recalls that sensuous bath and pleasures herself quite vigorously.

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