Bella Thorne – usual shenanigans

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Wanna go for a swim? 🤓

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One thought on “Bella Thorne – usual shenanigans

  1. I almost never make comments and when I do it’s almost always to praise someone because there is enough negativity in the world. Still I just don’t understand the appeal of Bella. Her body is nice but nothing extraordinary for her age. If she still has it in 10 years then I give the girl total respect. Still she always seems l dirty or something. Like you would expect to find her under a bridge somewhere living out of shopping cart and cardboard box.
    And if times aren’t scary enough with what’s going on in the world. What scares me more are that she has 23 million followers. What can she possibly influencing? She doesn’t have any style, her makeup is horrid, shes a total slob. I’ve never seen anything about her humanitarian work or latest invention. She hasn’t been in any great films like RoadHouse or overcome any great hardship. Or has the latest celeb workout. Every picture I’ve seen that has shown her house it looks worse than my room when I was a teenager and I was a total slob!
    I bet that neither of the watches she is wearing is set. Unless they came out of the box that way. She reminds me of a junkie stripper I used to live next to. She had a hard life and was a friend and good person with an addiction. But NO ONE aspired to be her or look to her for life advice. I get that she is the poster child of self indulgence and what’s wrong with the our society where she makes more posting a picture than teachers, Police officers, soldiers or 50% of workers do in a year! Hey I love hippie chics and free spirits but when ever I see a post here of her I just feel sad. Then I look to see if she actually showed her tits! lol

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