These captures are from a lame TV movie called The Sex Symbol. It was such a thinly disguised fictional version of Marilyn Monroe’s life that many dubbed foreign versions didn’t even pretend it was fictional. They gave it titles like “Marilyn Monroe, to symvolo tou sex.” The version that aired on American broadcast TV had no nudity, but the foreign version had plenty, as seen below. There is no available HD version, that I know of. These captures are 1280×720, but obviously not from an HD source. Yes, these captures are rough, but are the best I’ve seen from this film.

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Many guys, those slightly older than I, remember Connie as a regular in what seemed like every ABC series in the late fifties and early sixties. I never really got into Hawaiian Eye or 77 Sunset Strip, but I really enjoyed her a few years later as George Burns’s co-star in Wendy and Me, in which she basically picked up the Gracie Allen baton. She played George’s tenant, and he had a magical TV which allowed him to follow her around all day and to comment on her malapropisms and misadventures.

Connie is in her 80s now and still acting. Last year she co-starred in By the Rivers of Babylon, a gothic horror movie. The other principals in that film included her daughter, Joely Fisher, and the always eccentric Crispin Glover.

From the comments:

Unhinged, adolescent jealousy rage tweet from Trump incoming in 3, 2, 1…

“The failing Topps company, who prints swears on their cards, made a baseball card for Fowchee, who is RESPONSIBLE for virus, to make me look bad and help Dems win in the fall. Talking to Barr about making baseball card ILLEGAL.”

— @realDonaldTrump, probably

The season is only three games old, and there are NO undefeated teams, and no 0-3 teams. There are now 30 teams in MLB, and not a single one went 3-0 or 0-3. That has only about a 1.3% chance of happening (once every 75-80 years), and has never happened before in the expansion era (1961-present).

The last year when no team started 3-0 or 0-3 was 1953. (It had about a 10% chance of happening in the 16-team era.)

The last year when no team started 3-0 was actually 1954, but there were two 0-3 teams that year. The Cardinals started 0-3 in especially grand fashion, allowing 43 runs in those three games. They lost game three to the Cubs by the improbable score of 23-13 in one of those crazy classics with the wind blowing out at Wrigley Field. The Cubs had 20 hits and 12 walks in that game, and had scored 22 of their 23 runs in the first five innings! The Cubs starting catcher that day was the legendary Joe Garagiola, who finished the game with a seasonal batting average of 1.000! (To make a long story short, that was the final season of his career and he rarely played. This was his first game of the season and he went 3-for-3.)

Joe was not as bad a ballplayer as he often claimed for story-telling purposes. At one time he was considered such a good prospect that the Cardinals broke all kinds of rules to sign him at age 15. By the time he was 16, he was playing pro ball in the Cardinals farm organization, although just a junior in high school. He did well enough that they promoted him to AA the following year, where he batted a solid .293 for the Columbus Red Birds at age 17.

In the 1946 World Series, although he was a 20-year-old major league rookie, he contributed significantly to the Cardinals’ victory, batting .316 and stroking four hits in game four.

“An outbreak has spread throughout their clubhouse and brought the total cases in recent days to at least 14

Although life can feel normal some days, this serves as a reminder of just how far we really are from returning to life as usual.

For example, Fauci says he won’t go in a plane or eat in a restaurant. (Nor will I!)