President Trump pleads his case, Democrats respond

Same old. Same old. Here’s the story.

You’ll remember it was not long ago that the Democrats, then having no control of either house of Congress, offered to let Trump have the wall in exchange for permanent protections for the dreamers. Everyone seemed to think that was a fair deal, even Trump. A bipartisan deal was struck in Congress, but then Trump backed out for reasons and motivations which seemed murky. (Phone call to Hannity?)

So Trump could have had his wall funding a year ago. He completely won that exchange with the then-powerless Democrats in the sense that all he had to do was to “trade” it for something he professed to agree with anyway.

And then he didn’t.

And now 800,000 working people are without paychecks, and about half of them are still expected to work! Not to mention all the other consequences of the shutdown.

5 thoughts on “President Trump pleads his case, Democrats respond

  1. I’ve always thought the claim that the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency was misleading in that no party really CONTROLS the Senate these days without at least 60 seats because, with the exception of budget reconciliation, nothing can pass the Senate without the support of at least 60 senators. Of course it’s also misleading to say the Republican party controls the presidency because Trump isn’t really a Republican. IMHO, Trump is the real RINO. I doubt the Republicans will control much of anything come January 20, 2021. Hopefully, the government shutdown will be over before then.

    I think Trump deserves the lion’s share of the blame. But I don’t think Schumer and Pelosi are completely blameless. I think that once Trump said that it would be his shutdown and that he wouldn’t blame them he pulled the rug out from under his own feet because he all but gave them permission to refuse to compromise. As I understand it (though I could be wrong here) after Trump’s shutdown threat, the Dems funding offer went from $1.7 Billion to $1.3 Billion (or something along those lines).

    It used to be politicians in Washington knew how to hold their noses and vote for things they hated in order to get enough votes to pass things that were truly important to them. The hated “C” word is no longer cancer in this country, it’s compromise. I miss Daniel Patrick Moynihan and John McCain. I also wish Joe Lieberman was still in the Senate.

    1. Moynihan, sure.
      But you’re the first person I’ve heard say they miss that fucking wind-sock Lieberman.

  2. Trump is unfit. That’s the long and short of it. Nobody should try putting lipstick on this pig,

  3. I am not sure, but I think Michael McChesney has laid out the Republican Party’s excuses for the disaster of the past two years: 1) We didn’t REALLY control Congress because all we had was a majority and not 60%, 2) Trump is not REALLY a Republican, and 3) it’s all the Democrats fault for not compromising.

    I guess it is good to know that as long as the Republican Party exists, America will never run short of rich, aromatic fertilizer. I was hoping they might die after 2020, but McChesney has shown us their road ahead.

  4. How is Trump a RINO? He’s not only ignorant but disdainful of knowledge and learning, he’s bullying, authoritarian, dishonest, and only out for himself and his wealthy class. Trump is a perfect representation of the Republican Party.

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