Tough outing for the Mets’ Steven Matz. His line for the day: eight runs allowed (six earned) in NO innings pitched. That’ll kill the ol’ ERA, which went from 1.65 to 4.96!

After those eight batters, a relief pitcher entered, but the Phillies still managed two more doubles and a walk that inning. Final first-inning total: 10 runs produced by 14 plate appearances. JT Realmuto had two doubles and four RBI in that inning, and added a homer in the fifth.

Realmuto is yet another former member of the 2017 Marlins now starring elsewhere, along with Yelich, Stanton and Ozuna. Derek Jeter must have a really long-term plan in mind for his Marlins.

It is not an especially percipient reflection on the logic behind the new credits, but the last paragraph is genius:

“So if the opening credits are still supposed to be a window into the upcoming story, that should put at ease the many GOT fans who have become worried that their show will end up being just another epic fantasy about war, dragons, and boobs (instead of a nuanced exploration of politics, morality, and boobs).”

“Trump says he ‘has always liked’ Jimmy Carter. He previously called him the worst president in U.S. history.”

First of all, the WaPo headline implies that those two statements are contradictory. They are not. I like a lot of people that I consider completely incompetent, because their hearts are kind.

Secondly, at the time that Trump said those things they might have been accurate, or at least debatably so. No longer. As Trump noted:

Trump really took off the pressure, so, as he noted, Carter is no longer a candidate for the bottom spot.

Wow, this guy is good. Just another day at the factory today – three homers and seven RBI.

He went 0-for-8 in the previous two games, so he took all kinds of extra BP.

Pretty sure it worked.

Here’s something to think about: Yelich seems like the young upstart poised to someday wrest the “best player” crown from the established king, Mike Trout.

Except that Trout and Yelich are the same age! Trout, at 27, already has seven full seasons in the books, none of them less than excellent. The lowest he has ever finished in the MVP balloting was 4th – and that year he led the AL in both
slugging average and on-base percentage.

Of course Trout will make $36 million this year, and Yelich will make $9 million, so Yelich might be the best player per dollar. There must be a Brewer executive who knew Yelich would be that good, despite a 2017 season when he hit only .282 with a mediocre 18 homers. That person, whoever he or she is, is a baseball genius.

Government lawyers and “Supreme Court justices avoid saying F-word at heart of trademark case

The government and the Supremes are jumping through hoops to avoid saying FUCT. My favorite dodge: “The equivalent of the profane past participle form of a well-known word of profanity and perhaps the paradigmatic word of profanity in our language.”

(The case is about the right to register FUCT as a trademark.)

I’ll bet he would.

Laughably, he then goes on to say he wasn’t even in the room during the period of time when the non-existent pee tape was shot! (Say, when exactly was that time when it was shot? Just asking so we can check your whereabouts.)

I’ve mentioned before that I think the pee tape is probably real. My reason is that Trump asked James Comey to investigate it. If he had done nothing like the suggested action, then he would have been absolutely sure that no tape could have possibly existed, ergo there would have been nothing to investigate. By asking Comey to look into it, he was conceding the possibility that such a thing might exist.