It was removed from Snapchat almost immediately, and nobody knows exactly who it was supposed to be or how it got posted. If it was a hack, it could have been random people having nothing to do with Lana.

After it was removed, there was a replacement link posted by somebody or another at streamja.com, but that is also dead now. The only copy I know of now is on Zippyshare

Story here.

James Holzhauer has now established the best, second-best and third best single games in Jeopardy history: $111k, $106k and $89k.


As of Wednesday, he now has the top four days and has raised the single-day bar even higher! Per the comments below, “He broke his own record again on tonight’s (April 17th) episode with over $131,000. He is now second only to Ken Jennings in money won during regular games. While Jennings took 74 games to win his $2.5 million; Holzhauer is on track to reach that amount in HALF the time.”

So is he a mathematician? Scientist? Professor? Guess again. Holzhauer is a professional gambler! (He did, however, earn a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.)

It can be yours immediately for the low, low “buy it now” price of $2.95 million, plus $64.05 for shipping.

I’m not kidding about the $64.05. That is what it says.

You’d think they would throw in free shipping for a crummy 65 bucks if you belly up to the bar with nearly three million in your wallet.

The entry also notes that “Seller does not accept returns.”

By the way, scientists are not happy about this for many reasons, one of which being that they would like to study it to determine whether it is in fact a baby T-rex, or perhaps an adult member of a smaller related species.

The condition of my soul is in the hands of God, but the Iowa caucuses are up to you.”

I have to admit I like this guy. Navy vet with a tour in Afghanistan, polyglot, patriot, valedictorian, Harvard grad and Rhodes Scholar – tough combo to beat. He will probably not be President, and I’m not sure I would want him to be, but he is great to listen to. It’s been a long time since we had a politician who could speak like him, with both considered positions and wit, and do it off-the-cuff.

There was JFK, early Reagan …


By the way …

Although Mayor Pete trails Biden in the polls by a large margin, the bookmakers have a completely different take. They now place better odds on Buttigieg than on Biden. (Bernie is the betting favorite to win the nomination, followed by Kamala Harris. Buttigieg and Biden are #3 and #4.)

They got asked questions and told the truth, and now they’re worried the wrath will follow

I’m sure their positions are secure. Surely nobody that we know would blame them for telling the truth.

Hey, White House officials – just remember to go full Omarosa. Tape every word of your exit interview. In several states you need a party’s consent to tape your conversation with them, but in the District of Columbia, you do not. It is a “one-party consent” area.

“There is a silver lining here, in that the number of people willing to promote brands for free has significantly driven down the price of sponsored content, consequently reducing influencers’ ability to make a living off it. Hopefully this whole dumbass ouroboros will finish eating itself and we can all quietly forget about that weird half-decade when using things was a job.”

The original premise: people might promote Coke or Porsche or some other respectable product for free, to get cred. They hope that other advertisers will see that and think “Well, if Coke advertises on that site, it must be worthwhile.”

I admit that I didn’t know this was happening. Look for my Rolex ads soon.

(I’m just fuckin’ witcha. Rolex is a candy bar, right?)