How has that guy stayed out of jail?

It may not be easy to avoid the calaboose this time. There seems to be a recording of his latest dastardly deeds. He’s really into creating false accusations. To refresh your memory, he’s the guy who was going to raise accusations of improper sexual activities on the part of Robert Mueller – until his alleged victim either disappeared or never existed to begin with. This time he’s trying to tar Mayor Pete with the same brush.

While that may be true in the abstract, it falls apart when the real world is introduced.

Trump always fares poorly against “unspecified opponent,” because people know he is distasteful, and because about 60% of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. The problem is that people also hate the individual Democrats, and come to distrust them more and more once all the internet propaganda and attack ads begin to expose their real and imagined flaws. When the question progresses from the general “Trump vs unspecified” to the specific, i.e. “Trump vs Warren,” many people admit they will hold their noses and vote for Trump.

Trump is currently running ahead of Warren and Buttigieg and is about even with Harris, for example, so the “55% against him” concept is malleable. He is running 6-8 points behind Biden at the moment.

The investigation exists because the two top officers in the organization have each accused the other of embezzlement.

Heaven only knows why they would choose to draw attention to their internecine struggle. If they just stay under the radar, there are plenty of rubles to go around!

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo showed great sympathy for the organization’s troubles: “As for the NRA, we’ll remember them in our thoughts and prayers.”

Eureka! I just had a great epiphany that explains Trump completely. Everything he says and does makes complete sense once you realize that he doesn’t understand what the words “legally” and “illegally” mean. He probably thinks they are synonyms, like “flammable” and “inflammable.”

Ronja Forcher is a B-list European actress, but she’s A-list sexy. (If this is from a movie or TV show, I don’t recognize it.)

Updated from the comment section. This info passed on by our own Encyclopedist, Oz, the Diderot of Derrieres, the Britannica of Bosoms:

Certainly well worth a look and I believe it is from German Playboy March 2017. More from the shoot here

“Here’s a Craigslist ad, for instance, which “proves” that antifascist demonstrators who came out to protest the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville in 2017 were in truth paid by the DNC to show up and cause trouble.”

Except for one problem – that ad is about Charlotte, North Carolina, not Charlottesville, Virginia. But if you believe in the “crisis actor” theory, you’re obviously not smart enough to know that those are two different places.