You can place a bet on who will be ruling Westeros at the end of GoT, so if you have a script, I’m sure some gamblers would like to talk to you about a partnership.

  • The current betting favorite is, surprisingly, Bran Stark, at about even money.
  • A lot of people seem to think it will be Sansa (3-1)
  • Jon Snow is the next choice (5-1).
  • Between the new power couple, Gendry comes in at 8-1, Arya 12-1.
  • Surprisingly, the Khaleesi is a long shot a 14-1.

I’m all in on Bronn at 150-1. I don’t really think he will get the job. I just want him to. If they decided it like a sort of “Westeros Idol,” where the audience votes, I’d be calling the toll-free number for Bronn non-stop.

Joking aside, I think there is a good chance that The North could be recognized as an independent kingdom in recognition of their defense against the White Walkers. This makes a lot of sense considering that the North will now include all the wildlings and all the land north of the wall. If that is the case, then Sansa could end up as queen, but not ruling all Westeros from the Iron Throne. If Sansa dies in the series, Gendry and Arya could end up ruling the North as a couple, unifying the Stark and Baratheon families. Those crazy kids are headed that way. Independence for The North under Arya and Gendry, two honorable young people, would be a very satisfying ending for part of the saga. I still expect a Targaryen (Jon or Khaleesi or another as yet unidentified) to end up on the Throne of Westeros, dragons in tow, but I’m just guessing.

It is also possible that Khaleesi and her armies will return whence they came and she will become some kind of queen or emperor there. There are many companies of non-Westerosi warriors (the Golden Company, The Second Sons, the Dothraki, the Unsullied) involved in the struggle on different sides, and I don’t expect them all to settle in Westeros when the war ends.

Another possibility for complete independence from the central government in King’s Landing: The Iron Islands, which seem to be going their own way, avoiding both wars (the war against the dead, and the battle for the throne). This could make Yara Greyjoy another queen in her own kingdom.

As for other areas like The Vale and Dorne, who knows? The show seems to have dropped all discussion of them for now.

But I think if you bet that nobody will rule all Westeros – in other words, that more than one character will end up as a king or queen in what has previously been ruled from King’s Landing as the unified “seven kingdoms” – you would have a pretty decent bet.

You would also have a very good bet if you wager that the Iron Throne itself will be gone, and therefore nobody will sit on it. Remember that all of King’s Landing sits upon a stash of wildfire, and that it could easily be ignited in one way or another – in warfare, by a traitor, etc. Furthermore, if any Targaryen ends up as a ruler, the seat of power would probably be moved from King’s Landing to Dragonstone, where Daenerys was storm-born.

Oh-oh. I sense I’m really geeking out.