You can place a bet on who will be ruling Westeros at the end of GoT, so if you have a script, I’m sure some gamblers would like to talk to you about a partnership.

  • The betting favorite is Bran Stark, at about even money.
  • A lot of people seem to think it will be Sansa (3-1)
  • Jon Snow is the next choice (5-1).
  • The new power couple: Gendry comes in at 8-1, Arya 12-1.
  • The Khaleesi is a long shot a 14-1.

I’m all in on Bronn at 150-1. I don’t really think he will get the job. I just want him to. If they decided it like a sort of “Westeros Idol,” where the audience votes, I’d be calling the toll-free number for Bronn non-stop.