As I once wrote, “It’s a very good movie, featuring the usual fine performances from Sean Penn and Al Pacino, with a taut chase scene at the end though the New York subways and Grand Central Station. Not the least of the visual splendors in the movie was Penelope Ann Miller as Carlito’s girlfriend. There is a sexy “staged voyeur” scene in Carlito’s Way which rivals the one in Body Heat. Miller lets Pacino watch her through her chained door opening. She removes enough clothing, and teases him enough, to get him to break in.

This film is rarely mentioned as one of Brian DePalma’s directing successes or as one of Al Pacino’s memorable roles, but I think it belongs on both lists, and I think IMDb members have it pegged quite well as a near-classic.”

Speaking of great voyeur scenes, how about a .gif of Madeleine Stowe in Stakeout (1987)

Right. A suitable award for the guy who once exchanged belligerent nuclear-implied threats with his future lover and fellow member of the Silly Hair Club For Men, Kim Jong Un.

Well, to be fair, he would actually deserve it more than Obama, who was given the award for his courageous action in not being George Bush.

Keri in Eight Days a Week (a highlight of the 1997 Slamdance Film Fest), one of the sexiest non-nude scenes.

Some other great scenes that come immediately to mind in the non-nude category:

Halle Berry in Swordfish (2001). That film also has a topless scene, but this underwear scene was the highlight for me.

Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies (1994)

Joy Patricia Harmon washing the car in Cool Hand Luke (1967)