Bosch said its test has a “sensitivity” — the ability to avoid false negatives — of 98 per cent, and a “specificity” — the ability to avoid false positives — of 100 per cent. Bosch claims can deliver a result in just under 40 minutes, and be processed using a portable device.

So head down to your Bosch dealer where you can stay in your car, get a covid test and new winshield wiper blades. The ultimate one-stop shopping.

I’ll bet he’s having some doubts about his choice of locations for the second coming (Siberia).

Jesus is back – and this time he has a microphone

It’s not just that he has to worry about being arrested or poisoned by Pontius Putin, but is Siberia the place for his wardrobe? I’m not one to claim to understand the divine will, but if I were going to spend the day in robes and sandals, I’d make my long-awaited reappearance in Hawaii.

New pics 09/25:

Alice de Lencquesaing in “lieu trouble”:



Marion Seclin in “Clém'”:


Lucie Lucas in “Clém'”:

Souheila Yacoub in “No man’s land”:


Victoria Lewuillon in “No man’s land”:

French version with commentary

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Between this and Jamie Chung, the year has suddenly improved.

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Addison has made our year-end lists twice.

She made the #10 spot in our top nude scenes of 2018 with her performance in Submission
She made the #14 slot when she was only 19, in our top nude scenes of 2010, with a role on Californication. That role probably should have finished much higher on the list than it did.

She also did some light nudity (thong and see-thru bra) in Life Like (2019)