WWE’s Paige is a classy dame

Or not (1, 2). Good by me either way.

5 thoughts on “WWE’s Paige is a classy dame

  1. Were these pics leaked from a hack? If so, then dispense with the snark about being a “classy dame”. Because what did she do that was bad? Shared pics with someone she trusted, and then either got betrayed by them or hacked by a stranger? You’d be surprised how many classy dames share pics like that in her generation. The pics are out there, so yeah, look at ’em (heck, I did). But just because she took them doesn’t mean she deserves to be mocked.

      1. Wait – there was more than one Audrey Hepburn, and one of the other ones was in porn? Dang, I learn new stuff like that here that all the time!

        Brobonk, Midwest Conservative, and Steverino are always posting things that change my whole outlook on life. I mean, it would change if any of it was even remotely true.

    1. Gotta think in terms of those Facebook likes, too. And a good LinkedIn profile pic can be the key to your next job.

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