Olivia Hussey shows off that magnificent chest in Psycho IV

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15 thoughts on “Olivia Hussey shows off that magnificent chest in Psycho IV

  1. Back in the mid-80’s, a time when there was plenty of nudity in films and some great looking breasts, my buddy and I did our own list of the top five Hollywood bosoms. Our list was:

    Jamie Lee Curtis
    Greta Scacchi
    Roseanna Arquette
    Kelly Preston
    Virginia Madsen

    When Jennifer Connelly finally did a topless scene, we knew we had to expand the list to 10, but we never got around to fleshing it out (so-to-speak)

    1. I can’t believe I forgot most of those, especially Preston. To get to 10, try adding Michele Johnson, Betsy Russell, Joyce Hyser and Beverly D’Angelo.

          1. The thread about the top Hollywood bosoms started with Daddario and Sweeney, then went all the way back to the 80s without mentioning Eva! It’s tough to exclude her from the top film bosoms.

            I don’t think anyone mentioned Bo Derek either.

        1. There’s just so many so an 80s subset just kind of happened. Eva is worthy of any list. Same with Bardot, Loren. With separate groupings perhaps we can turn this into some kind of team sport.

          1. And Catherine Bach. There I go again, but just check the movie Crazed and you may find the winner.

        2. Helen Mirren
          Laura Antonelli
          Monica Bellucci
          Phyllis Davis
          Phoebe Cates

          Not to mention any of the Andy Sidaris Playmates.

          Even if you wanted to do something like group by size or era, there’s really no way to come up with a list of defined length,

          1. If you are going for “of all time,” then we should add Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Sophia Loren. I guess I’d add Jane Russell, but I don’t recall actually having seen her breasts.

            Stepping across the pond, certainly Marion Cotillard and Edwige Fenech.

  2. I think it would be great for you to do a poll of who has the best breasts of all times? Daddario, Sweeney, Lynda Carter, Salma Hayek, Emily Ratajkowski, Monica Bellucci, Carla Gugino, Matilda De Angelis, Joyce Hyser, Stella Stevens, Helen Mirren, Pam Grier, Uschi Digard, Edwige Fenech, Mimi Rogers, Susan Sarandon, Eva Amurri, Kelly Brook, and hundreds more. It would be interesting to see who got picked in the top ten.

    1. It would be an interesting and fun competition. Unfortunately in the end, the winner would probably be just a popularity contest instead of actually the best breasts. It might come down to Daddario or Sweeney just because they are current.

      Jamie Lee Curtis must be in this competition and I think should have a legitimate shot of winning. Also Jennifer Connelly as already mentioned. And Jacqueline Bisset. And Mathilda May. I think I’ve already imagined this contest in my head a few too many times. The best part of this competition would just be coming up with the entrants. They all winners in the end and luckily so are we.

      Might be nice to have “weight” classes as the winners of these are almost always C cups or above. The A and B cups deserve their own competition to get their proper due and not be overshadowed by the more endowed.

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