Eight Inappropriate ‘Flintstones’ Moments Everyone Completely Missed

Ah, the Flintstones. Ya gotta love a cartoon with cigarette commercials.

2 thoughts on “Eight Inappropriate ‘Flintstones’ Moments Everyone Completely Missed

  1. In defense of The Honeymooners Ralph never laid a hand on Alice. In fact, much of the humor of the situation was Audrey Meadow’s “You just try it buster!” take on Alice. You got the feeling if he ever laid hands on her once that would be the last time.

    The Kramden’s marriage wasn’t really portrayed as abusive, not even by modern standards.

    The Ricardo’s, on the other hand…

  2. The Flinstones was originally broadcast in prime time for adults. It was considered to be a cartoon version of The Honeymooners (the classic Jackie Gleason television show. The Honeymooners even hinted at spousal abuse “One of these days Alice, POW! to the moon”

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