The Tiger now has five green jackets

His fifth green jacket was his first in 14 years, and his first major victory in nearly 11 years. Woods became the oldest Masters winner since Jack Nicklaus in 1986.

The bookies got killed on this. They set the odds quite high, and people love to bet on Tiger. As ESPN wrote, “Some bookmakers, from Nevada to New Jersey, didn’t believe Tiger Woods would win the Masters. It was an expensive miscalculation.”

One thought on “The Tiger now has five green jackets

  1. I happened to stumble on this in a bout of bored channel-clicking. I realized that “Tiger Woods” is the only answer to why I would sit inside on a nice day and watch someone else play golf. He may not be 5 ahead of the field like in his glory days, but it was fun to see him win one again – and with his son watching this time.
    Fave early memory: one of the commentators (an old caddie, I think) said that if he tried to use Tiger’s swinging motion, his “groin would fly off”.

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