Virginia barely sneaks into the final game

Not many games are won this way. They were down two with half a second remaining, but they got three foul shots because the final missed jumper was a three-pointer. Junior Kyle Guy drained all three from the charity stripe.

What a clutch performance from Guy at the gratis band. He’ll still be talking about that 60 years from now.

8 thoughts on “Virginia barely sneaks into the final game

  1. And now for something completely different:
    Happy GPJP Day.
    Should be celebrated with WPLJ but I haven’t lost all my taste buds just yet.

  2. Virginia got in because refs missed double dribble which ball should have been given to Auburn, right before 3 point foul which would have never been. This was the no call that ruined a great game.

    1. There were other ref mistakes as well…that’s part of the game. This was nowhere near as bad as the missed pass interference call in the Super Bowl

      1. its exactly the same N Orleans missed going to Super Bowl and Auburn missed going National Championship.You can’t say its ok in basketball and not football.

          1. There could/should have been a foul called on the defender prior to the double dribble for grabbing the jersey of the offensive player before he picked up the ball again. So yeah, there shouldn’t be excessive whining over that call.

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