Andrew has been de-royaled

Or something. I think his new term of address, rather than Your Royal Highness, is Your Assholiness.

He has also been de-coloneled and de-commodored.

I take it he is still the Duke of Earl or whatever dukedom he represents, and is still ninth in line to the throne, and will continue to be a vice-admiral, and the article still calls him “Prince Andrew.” Oh, yeah, and “Andrew will remain as a counsellor of state, able to undertake official duties if the sovereign is temporarily incapacitated through illness or abroad.”

So maybe it’s not really all that big a punishment. Call me when he gets demoted to chimney sweep.

5 thoughts on “Andrew has been de-royaled

  1. ‘The artist formerly known as Prince (Andrew)’ – I have a vague memory he once published a book of photography…

  2. The statute of limitations has passed for any criminal charges, but what if they hadn’t? Could he have served any real time under any circumstances?

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