One autographed baseball just sold for $600,000+

It is signed by Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Walter Johnson and many others.

As of the signing date, which marked the June, 1939 opening of the Hall of Fame building in Cooperstown, there had been just 12 players voted into the Hall of Fame. Ten of them were still alive at the time, and all ten signed the ball. (Christy Mathewson and Wee Willie Keeler were absent because they had passed away quite young, aged 45 and 50 respectively.)

White House exploring legal options against Omarosa Manigault Newman for making secret recording in Situation Room

The last desperate gasp of criminals betrayed by damning evidence is to claim the evidence was illegally obtained. The last desperate ploy of dirty cops taped by onlookers is to claim that the taping is illegal. The last refuge of a scoundrel is patriotism, per Dr. Samuel Johnson.

The White House is now in last-refuge status. Facing the irrefutable evidence of their own taped conversations, they can no longer deny saying those things, and the “Omarosa is lying” defense really can’t be used, because they don’t know what she did or didn’t tape. The only thing left is to condemn the process by which she obtained the recordings, and especially to impugn her patriotism in bringing a recording device into the sacred situation room. One person even said that her recordings were a danger to national security.

And all of that cavilling just produces a “so what, stop changing the subject” response once the recordings are out there.

Personally, I think Omarosa has misplayed her hand. She should make her claims first, wait for the White House to call her a liar, THEN release the tapes showing that her claim was accurate, and that the responder is the liar. She basically failed to follow the first two rules of investigation: (1) always let the guilty party trip himself up, (2) and never let him know what you know.