Giuliani says about the Trump Tower meeting: “All they knew that a woman with a Russian name was going to meet with them, they didn’t know she represented the Russian government”

The facts:

Giuliani admitted that the purpose of the meeting was to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. President Trump has also admitted this, and the Trump Junior e-mail chain makes that clear and undeniable.

Veselnitskaya was identified as a “Russian government attorney” in the emails released by Trump Jr, and one of the e-mails specifically said she would like to share some information about Clinton as “part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”

It’s not possible to declare with 100% certainty whether Giuliani is ignorant of the facts of the case or just plain lying. Given that he used to be a highly-respected attorney, I assume he is capable of proper preparation; given that Trump is basically his full-time job, he must have had plenty of time to assimilate at least the top-line facts of the Trump Tower meeting. Therefore, I assume he is lying.

(But I could be wrong. The fact that he USED to be a capable attorney doesn’t mean that he still is. 74 is not that old in today’s world, but he may nonetheless be experiencing some mental deterioration.)

The facts of the case show that Trump Junior took the meeting to get damaging information on Hillary Clinton from a person he fully understood to be a representative of the Russian government. It is possible to argue that such an action was not, per se, criminal, but it is not possible to deny the facts.

Giuliani proclaims, ‘Truth isn’t truth!’

Couldn’t agree more.

As I always say:

 War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength

Let’s update it a bit. After all, that last one isn’t parallel to the other two since it doesn’t juxtapose direct opposites, and 1984 (the year) was 34 years ago, while “1984” (the book) came out nearly 70 years ago.

The new paradigm could be:

Lies are Truth

Ignorance is Knowledge

Investigations are Witch Hunts

Opinions are Facts

Sub-point: Inaccurate Opinions are simply Alternate Facts

Angelina Jolie’s sex scene in Original Sin

Her partner in the scene is Antonio Banderas, making this arguably the hottest scene ever filmed between A-list actors (which they both were at the time).

I have some thoughts about the movie as well, but since my comments are so verbose, I hid them under the jump.

Complete spoilers follow:

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Emmy Rossum’s gorgeous underwater nude scene in season one of Shameless

Emmy finished in the top ten in our Best Nude Scenes of 2010 for her work in a mere preview of Shameless. When the show actually aired in 2011, the scene pictured above and many others led her all the way to the top of our Best Nude Scenes of 2011.

Although no longer in her twenties, she has not rested on her naked laurels. In our most recent poll, she returned to the top ten among the Top Nude Scenes of 2017!

In making the list three times for the same role, Emmy joined an exclusive club. Only three others have done that: Mary-Louise Parker in Weeds, Anna Paquin in True Blood; and Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones.

For reference, we maintain a simple list of all the top ten finishers by year, as well as a simple search engine which allows you to comb through all of the annual lists in detail (by the name of the actress, the name of the show, or anything else you care to search for).