Trump Jr. shares fake Trump approval rating on Instagram

The original graphic showed Trump’s approval rating trailing Obama’s by five points. The doctored image showed Trump leading by five.

The most embarrassing thing about the fakery is that the paste-over is partially transparent, meaning that the original number is still faintly visible underneath.

Oh, that Junior! What a whiz kid!

Are they sure Eric is the dumb one?

“Russian state TV warns Trump to ‘do what we say’ if you want ‘support in the elections’”

This is not The Onion. This one is real.

But please note that the headline is totally misleading as a representation of the article’s content. This was not an official pronouncement from the Kremlin as conveyed by state TV. It was rather the opinion of a professor, as expressed in a panel discussion on state TV.

North Korea basically gives Mike Pompeo the finger

Trump seems to have really fumbled this one. It appears that Kim Jong-Un played him. Trump cancelled the military preparation exercises with South Korea and has basically ignored the fact that China and Russia have resumed trading with North Korea. So North Korea has essentially gotten everything they wanted and more. Meanwhile, Kim has not only failed to begin the process of denuclearization, but actually seems to have stepped up his nuclear program!

Omarosa says Trump is a racist who uses N-word – and claims there’s tape to prove it

“Using the N-word was not just the way he talks but, more disturbing, it was how he thought of me and African Americans as a whole.”

“Elsewhere … Manigault Newman takes aim at Trump’s sexism. Recalling more outtakes from The Apprentice, she says he asked personal questions about female contestants such as ‘What do you think she’s like in bed?’”

Wait. She’s describing a man who is condescending and hateful toward women and groups of non-whites. That’s not the Donald Trump I know! He has always seemed so respectful of others.