Cohen’s lawyer on Trump Tower meeting: Cohen was ‘present at a discussion with’ Trump and Trump Jr.

Unlike Giuliani’s phoney-baloney “perjury traps,” this one really is a trap for Trump. You see, he has already denied that this meeting took place. If he had never said anything, he could claim that Cohen was acting as his lawyer during that time and therefore any of their discussions were protected by attorney-client privilege. But the only way he can claim attorney-client privilege is by admitting that there really was a meeting between the attorney and his client. Since he has denied that, his only remaining recourse is to claim that Cohen is lying about the very existence of the meeting.

Which, given that it’s Cohen, he may well be.

Hey, I’m no fan of the President, but I’m guessing that on Cohen’s page on, his school chums did not choose “honesty” and “candor” among the qualities they remember him for.

(SIDEBAR: It is my understanding that conversations between attorneys and clients would not be privileged if the two conspired to commit a criminal act, as Cohen claims in this instance. )

Nicki Minaj declares “I am the new Harriet Tubman”

She would look better than Tubman on the $20 bill.

“Nicki compared Tubman’s missions to rescue enslaved people on the ‘Underground Railroad’ to her mission to get streaming to be included in chart sales.”

Seems comparable to me. I’ve often said that my mission to define and identify screen nudity is comparable to Aristotle’s efforts to define and identify moral virtue. Clearly I am the new Aristotle.

… as further evidenced by the fact that, according to Aristotle in his Poetics, comedy originated with the komos, a bizarre ancient spectacle in which a collection of males apparently sang, danced, and cavorted around the image of a giant penis. (Cpmedy gold! They were funny, funny guys!) Sounds pretty similar to what we do here, except with vaginas instead of phalluses. “Komos” was like the gay version of “Other Crap.”