WH press secretary: Can’t offer ‘guarantee’ there is no N-word recording

BONUS: Ever classy, Trump called Omarosa “that dog” in a tweet.

EVEN BIGGER BONUS: When Omarosa’s tape proved that the staff conversation about the n-word did happen, after she alleged it and the staffers denied it, she proved them to be liars. So how did the staffers respond? With another lie! “No one ever denied we had multiple conversations re: the Apprentice tape.” Well,  you may not have denied multiple conversations, but you denied that one – on live national TV, when you said “That (conversation) did not happen. Sounds like she is writing a script for a movie.”

BEST BONUS: In issuing that denial, the staffer actually escalated the problem, in true Giuliani style. Omarosa had only reported one conversation on that subject. The denial indicates there were others!


Roger Stone Posts Bizarre Pic of Trump Allies Wearing Spacesuits With Swastikas

“I love this – proud to be in this crew” Stone wrote.

He’s apparently proud to be part of the Nazi Space Force with Trump and various Trump enablers. The caption is “in space no one can hear you lie.”

What was he thinking of? I dunno. I can’t decipher his logic on this one.

Omarosa reveals audio of Trump campaign aides allegedly discussing potential fallout of N-word

Now here she used the tape properly to spring a trap. She first released an excerpt from her book which purported to be a verbatim account of a telephone conversation in which she and some White House staffers discussed how to spin Trump’s use of the n-word. The staffers then denied that the conversation took place and called Omarosa a liar and a fiction writer. She THEN released the tape.

If I had been one of the staffers, I would have been circumspect about denying the book’s version, since the conversation was presented in quotation marks rather than as a paraphrase. If I saw that, I’d guess that she might be transcribing.

On the other hand …

There is still, to my knowledge, no concrete evidence that Trump used the word. There are simply conversations among the staff of how to spin it, based on a rumor that Trump had said it on tape. So far, no such tape has been produced, and nobody specific (excepting Omarosa) has come forward with a claim to have actually heard the putative tape. The rumors have all been based on a second- or third-hand account.