Winona Ryder Says She And Keanu Reeves Might Be Married

Entertaining – but almost certainly a P.R. stunt to attract attention to their new film.

The fact that a real priest played the part of a priest in a movie doesn’t mean that the vows are somehow applicable to the actors as well as the characters.

Although this happened in Romania, so … who knows? I believe that is the only country where vampires receive Affirmative Action placement. Each college has to admit at least 10% vampires in its freshman class. Of course, the right-wing anti-vampire bigots circumvent this by holding all of their classes during the day.

Box Office: Kevin Spacey’s ‘Billionaire Boys Club’ Earns $126 on Opening Day

It was in 10 theaters, so it earned $12.60 per theater.  That’s 1.3 tickets. I assume at least two screening times per theater, so many of the screenings must have been literally empty.

Click on the comments section below for some additional thoughts on box office failures. (Who remembers the immortal cinema classic Zyzzyx Road?)

A brief bit of musing about the 1906 Cubs

You know how good the Red Sox are this year, right? They are playing unheard-of .700 ball and are more than ten games better than the next best team in the majors.

Well get this: in order to equal the record of the 1906 Cubs, the Sox would have to win their next 29 games in a row!

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Amy Adams – bare booty in the poignant cinema treasure Psycho Beach Party

The movie is not good, but isn’t actually as bad as it sounds. It’s a campy genre parody of those Frankie and Annette films, and sorta ends up as Bye-Bye Birdie meets Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The catch phrase: party ’til you drop. Dead.

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