While many other states’ holiday movie favorites were more traditional, Florida’s was, well, weird.

That was also Louisiana’s favorite, so I was thinking maybe it’s a swamp thing – until I looked over at California. The full list by state shoes some other odd choices: West Virginia’s favorite is The Ref; Utah chose While You Were Sleeping.

Now, mind you, the headline is an incorrect interpretation of the map. It does not show the Christmas movie the state loved the most. It shows the movie the state loved disproportionately to the other states. “We partnered up with our friends at Mindnet Analytics and used Google Trends data to determine which Christmas movie each state was most obsessed with relative to other states.” In other words, 3% of Californians may have picked Batman Returns, compared to a nationwide average of 1%. Since (in that theoretical example) it was triple the national average, that would be the one listed under California if the state’s other choices were close to the national averages.