Some of my old college buddies from Jersey used to say: “I got yer ______ right here,” accompanied at the pronunciation of “here” by a pantomimed unfurling of loins. We simple folk, lacking Roger Goodell’s hifalutin’ manners, called it “grabbing your crotch.”

Also during my college years, while in Miami for spring break, I saw the great rock group, Pantomimed Unfurling of Loins, open for the Doors. Oh, wait. I think the 60s drugs have confused me. It was actually Jim Morrison himself who unfurled his loins.

And if memory serves, there was no pantomime.

Final NFL standings

The Eagles and Colts snuck in at the last minute. Both teams are hot.

* The Eagles won 5 of their last six and finished off by pummeling Washington 24-0 while the Vikings were getting their asses handed to them.

* The Colts came back from a horrible 1-5 start, winning 9 of their last 10.

The Chargers got the worst deal. They lost the division on a deep tiebreaker. Based on that same tiebreaker, the Chiefs got a first round bye and the permanent home field advantage, while the Chargers, with the same record, got a mere wild card slot.

As my dad used to say, “them’s the breaks.”

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