Every bowl game, ranked by entertainment value

There are now 80 teams playing in bowl games, which includes just about everyone but Rutgers, so this page is helpful in sorting out which games might be worth watching.

But the more important task is to determine which bowl games have the silliest names.


Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl
Cheez-It Bowl
San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl


Here are the Vegas odds on all the bowl games. Some examples:

Alabama by 14 over Oklahoma
Clemson by 11 over Notre Dame
LSU by 8 over UCF
Georgia by 11 over Texas
Ohio State by 6 over Washington

Rex Tillerson didn’t have the mental capacity needed. He was dumb as a rock and I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough. He was lazy as hell.

Wow! If somebody seems lazy to Trump, imagine the degree of laziness that involves. It might even warp the known parameters of the time-space continuum. Could Tillerson somehow have found a way to watch TV 25 hours a day?

I wouldn’t defend Tillerson’s tenure at State. His government service did seem disastrous, although I haven’t tried to study it in depth, but he did have an amazing career at Exxon. He joined the company right out of college and worked his way to the very top. He did that all on his own. His family is just an unconnected, typical middle class family, and his teen jobs included work as a bus boy, janitor and cotton-picker. Based on his astounding ascent from humble beginnings, I doubt that he could be either lazy or dumb.

The best are North Dakota and Iowa

“North Dakota is fairly safe for drivers, with a fatality rate of 1.16 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled and a theft rate of 234.7 vehicles per 100,000 inhabitants — lower traffic fatality and vehicle theft rates than the national averages. The state also tends to be cheaper for drivers with lower gas prices, repair and maintenance costs and an average insurance vehicle premium of $1,086 compared with the $1,365 people typically pay nationally, according to Insure.com. Better still, the average commute time in North Dakota is about 18 minutes, and just 10 percent of roads are in poor condition, according to the Bankrate study.”

And Iowa? Well, it’s safe because if you veer off the road, there’s nothing in the entire state to hit except corn fields. Iowans never seem to appreciate that visitors go the “highest point in Iowa” to laugh, because it seems to be about two feet higher than the surrounding area. Oh, the majestic view!

The worst state for drivers? Pretty obvious. See if you can guess from the description. “It’s not just long wait times; 44 percent of roads are in poor condition. It also has more thefts as well as higher insurance premiums, repair costs and gas prices.”

The millennial generation is changing the country’s consumption patterns. 

You have read about all the businesses they are slowly killing, like casual dining chains, wedding planners, major brand beer, golf, breakfast cereal, etc.

Here are some surprising things which have been abandoned by older people that used to like them, but are being (temporarily?) saved by the millennials:

Post Cards
Minor holidays like Halloween and Valentine’s Day

Kelly Monaco in the days before her soap opera career. (1996-97 era)

She was about 20 then. She is now 42. According to her Wikipedia page, she is 5’3′, 95 lbs. That’s thin.

Found by accident while trying to see if she was really that tiny: I love this pic of her adjusting her bikini. I never did reach any conclusion about whether she really weighs 95 lbs, but some of the past images of her indicate that she may have gone down that low at some points in her life.