And we certainly never supported ye

This is one case where Trump’s ridicule was justly deserved. Ryan was constantly befuddled in the early debates. At one point Ryan rose above absolute zero in the polls, and I was shocked. I found myself wondering who in the world, of all the choices available to Americans, would conclude that Ryan was “the one” for the White House.


Irony of the day:

Can you imagine an administration investigating its political opponents?” said the president.

Short answer: YES.

Trump never seems to understand the implications of what he says. If investigating political opponents is treason, then he is accusing himself of a crime which carries the death penalty!

NOTE: It would be nice if Trump confessed to treason, but no matter who did it, it is not treason. It could, however, be criminal if the investigation had no legitimate purpose and provided no benefit to the public. Obviously, if a political opponent were to commit crimes, he or she should be and would be investigated like any other criminal. Politicians are not automatically immune from criminal investigation. (Thank heaven, because so many of them ARE criminals.)