Trump Jr. shares fake Trump approval rating on Instagram

Trump Jr. shares fake Trump approval rating on Instagram

The original graphic showed Trump’s approval rating trailing Obama’s by five points. The doctored image showed Trump leading by five.

The most embarrassing thing about the fakery is that the paste-over is partially transparent, meaning that the original number is still faintly visible underneath.

Oh, that Junior! What a whiz kid!

Are they sure Eric is the dumb one?

4 thoughts on “Trump Jr. shares fake Trump approval rating on Instagram

    1. 1) Even in Rasmussen, he has never been five points ahead of Obama. You can’t compare two candidates by taking results from two different polls, especially when one of them is Rasmussen.

      2) There have been two more Rasmussen numbers published since that 50, and he has declined each time!

      3) He is now at 42.1 in the RCP average of polls and 41.9 in 538’s weighted average, so the 40 number was a pretty accurate representation of his current approval, certainly more accurate than 50.

      4) None of that changes the basic fact that the graphic was falsified

      5) And none of that changes the fact that the falsification was inept and the real number is visible beneath, thus demonstrating that Junior either must have known that the numbers were falsified when he posted them, or is a complete idiot. (I guess the “idiot” option is a possibility. According to those in the know, Trump Sr. himself admits that his sons are “retards” when he’s being candid.)

  1. The first time anything came up on the Russian meeting, someone who was identified as someone who knows the family and is generally favorable made the comment on D Jr. “You can’t fix stupid”. Also check out the stories about “Piss Donald” (thank you Todd Rundgren) that his frat bros at U Pa relate.

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