The best and worst states for drivers

The best are North Dakota and Iowa

“North Dakota is fairly safe for drivers, with a fatality rate of 1.16 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled and a theft rate of 234.7 vehicles per 100,000 inhabitants — lower traffic fatality and vehicle theft rates than the national averages. The state also tends to be cheaper for drivers with lower gas prices, repair and maintenance costs and an average insurance vehicle premium of $1,086 compared with the $1,365 people typically pay nationally, according to Better still, the average commute time in North Dakota is about 18 minutes, and just 10 percent of roads are in poor condition, according to the Bankrate study.”

And Iowa? Well, it’s safe because if you veer off the road, there’s nothing in the entire state to hit except corn fields. Iowans never seem to appreciate that visitors go the “highest point in Iowa” to laugh, because it seems to be about two feet higher than the surrounding area. Oh, the majestic view!

The worst state for drivers? Pretty obvious. See if you can guess from the description. “It’s not just long wait times; 44 percent of roads are in poor condition. It also has more thefts as well as higher insurance premiums, repair costs and gas prices.”