OK, he has no class and is dumb as a rock, but … y’know … he is kinda right …

Years ago, when All in the Family was the most controversial show on TV, nobody could imagine that we would someday elect Archie Bunker to be the POTUS.

Sidebar: so how does this affect Trump’s perception of Mike Pence?

27 thoughts on “OK, he has no class and is dumb as a rock, but … y’know … he is kinda right …

  1. Joe Biden is an exlemplar of the Woody Allen quote “80% of success is showing up.”

    Joe Biden was first elected to the Senate, and is around the same age as Pat Leahy. Leahy is a far more accomplished Senator than Joe Biden, but Biden is far more ambitious, ran for President twice, and ultimately was able to snag a Vice Presidential offer.

    1. To continue our feud…..

      I get that the liberals want Trump gone, however impeachment, while a valid tool in the toolbox, isn’t applicable here. Being an asshole is not an impeachable offense. That is what the left can’t seem to comprehend. I’m annoyed that we are going to spend the next 6 months to a year listening to a bunch of bs that will ultimately go nowhere. This has all been timed to hurt trumps reelection because POLITICS IS A SPORT.

      As for being “poorly educated”, I’m an Ivy League grad with an mba, lifelong New Yorker and an investment banker. I stand by my earlier comment that you must be a college student, “kid”. Your lack of real world understanding is mind blowing. You live in “the way it should be” instead of “the way it is”. That is the mantra of college students since the beginning of time.

      1. “Asshole” isn’t among the charges, more’s the pity. Colluding (there’s that word again – the “no collusion” chanting has really thinned out lately) with a foreign government is. Emoluments and kidnapping should be.
        Congrats on your diploma. Seems kind of a waste though, if you’re dead set on not changing the world in any way.

        1. Politicians aren’t interested in changing the world in any way. They are just interested in getting elected. That’s my point.

      2. I’m an economist as I think I’ve sufficiently demonstrated here to people. You’ve demonstrated none of the attributes you state here for yourself. If you are an Ivy League grad you must have been a legacy student with ‘gentleman Cs.’ Your lack of knowledge and understanding is as deplorable as the President you support but won’t even admit to supporting.

        In short, you are an idiot and a liar.

        1. This is actually completely appropriate. You are an “economist” because you took some classes and I’m actually participating in the economy. The only people more clueless than students are the “intellectuals” who teach them and hide behind books while the rest of us actually participate and work for a living. What does it take to be an “economist” by the way? A certificate from a 3rd rate school? Do you have an MBA? Did you go to an Ivy League school? Do you make 7 figures annually? Why should anyone listen to you about the economy when your taxes cover fire hydrants and mine cover small cities?

          1. Prove it. Post your tax returns. Otherwise, why should anybody believe you?

            I have a combined masters in economics and history. I believe I have demonstrated a knowledge of both here and elsewhere to back up my claim. There are degrees in economics which your post indicates you aren’t even aware of. A bit hard to believe for a person who claims to have gone to a business school and/or an Ivy League school.

            The one thing I can believe is that you are a businessperson at some level as your comments certainly indicate that ‘making money’ is all you think matters in the end. Of course, you might just be as fanciful as Donald Trump is in his claims in actually making money in business. (Of course, Trump’s leaked tax returns do indicate that he made a great deal of money for at least a couple years.)

          2. There are a couple interesting contradictions as well.

            You disparage students and ‘intellectuals’ who teams them, but play up your own claimed MBA and Ivy League education.

            You claim to play a large amount in taxes, but in a previous thread on Donald Trump you wrote something like “Who doesn’t lie about their income and the amount of tax they pay?”

            There are other possibilities (cognitive dissonance for one) but I suspect you’re a troll.

          3. My academic credentials are simply required for my job. I couldn’t care less about my degrees. I simply found it amusing when you automatically assumed I’m “poorly educated” because I don’t agree with your rose tinted, bubble view of the world. As far as money, the only thing that matters to me is that people like you don’t get to spend what I’ve earned. I’ll decide how it’s spent. I’ll decide what causes I care about. Feel free to donate your entire paycheck to the government but of course you won’t because you’re a standard liberal hypocrite. As for your last point, people definitely believe I’m far wealthier than I actually am. That’s the nature of money. I don’t see a need to correct them. It helps open doors. I’ll leave you alone at this point. Unlike you, I don’t feel a need to break down people who disagree with me. I have plenty of liberal and conservative friends and I’m not a trump supporter no matter how much you want that to be true.

      3. Don? Why do you think getting foreigners to create slander about Presidential candidates is on OK think for a President to do? Would you have thought that about Obama, or Bill Clinton, or Hilary Clinton if the Russians had helped her instead of Trump?

        And why do you think politics is a sport? If so, why don’t you just watch some other sport for 6 months or whatever, and let the people who care deal with Trump? I am sure there are a lot of other sports. Curling, perhaps? Lacrosse? Don’t they like that your Ivy League schools?

        (PS – I think that Trump stands as evidence that you can graduate from just about anywhere and still be poorly educated. Also, bragging about your credentials on the Internet is silly, and really tends to show you are not too bright. HTH!)

        1. I’m that far removed from you. This makes a lot of sense. But I do think politics is a sport amongst master politicians. They
          strategically manipulate the masses. They are geniuses.

          1. So, Don reasons that because if there are athletes who are masters of their sport, if some politicians are geniuses at manipulating the masses, then politics is a sport.

            Don apparently did not take any logic classes at any of the many Ivy League colleges from which he has graduated. If he did, he was either robbed or has forgotten everything.

            A) I think Don does not know what the definition of sport is, or does know, but does not want us to think politics are very important.

            B) I think Don has claimed, in other posts, that Donald Trump is one of these geniuses. I think that is what is called “a fact not in evidence”, but I am not a lawyer.

            C) Don was nice enough to refrain from pointing out the embarrassing spelling errors in my post, so I should really cut him some slack. I would do that if we were talking about something as unimportant as sports.

          2. Dum

            I think you’re ‘poorly educated’ because you’re an igoramus and ‘dumb as a bag of hammers.’

          3. PS – Don, you never told us why people like the Saudis are mass-book rooms at Trump’s hotels, paying for them, but not actually using them. You said it was standard corporate practice, and implied we were dumb for not knowing that, but you never said why. What’s up with that?

        2. You’re such a sucker. Thankfully people like you exist because if you didn’t the rest of us wouldn’t win the “sport” so easily. Keep getting played.

          1. Yes, I agree, Don. I was a sucker to think there was any chance there was a real reason that corporations would normally book lots of hotel rooms, pay for them, and not use them (and that you would know it).

            Well, as another Republican great once said “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…won’t get fooled again!”

        3. I get where you, Adam, and Tanner are coming from. I really do. Accepting that politics, business and power are sports would mean acknowledging that you are a loser of the game as well as a fool. It would mean that everything you believe in and stand for was manufactured by others. It would mean that successful people think so little of you and your beliefs that they see you as a pawn. Impossible for you to ever accept. That’s why the “athletes” are never this brutally honest. We need you to believe you have a chance. Good luck guys. I’m out.

          1. Don, this word “sports” you keep using; I do not think it means what you think it means. I keep trying to read your post of 2:35pm, and it keeps dissolving into nothingness shortly after the word “sports”.

            Anyone else have the same problem, or are you all smarter than I am? I don’t necessarily mean smart enough to understand it, I also mean smart enough to have stopped reading posts from Don.

  2. That’s pretty much the job description for any successful VP. People made fun of Bush Sr. for being a lapdog, but he was able to ride it to the Presidency.

    1. People talk about removing Trump from office through impeachment or the 25th Amendment, i.e., constitutional mechanisms.

      You talk about removing Obama and immediately jumped to assassination.

      1. Again, I don’t normally like to answer for other people, but since the thread could close…talking about something is not the same as approving it. The concern that Obama could be assassinated was not uncommon in 2008. His wife was very concerned about it, for instance.

  3. As a kind of PS to this whole thread, I have to acknowledge how Don has diverted attention away from the original point UncleScoopy made, that Trump has no class and is dumb as a rock, and UncleScoopy’s question, what does Trump’s view of Biden say about his perception of Mike Pence? If this was Don’s objective, maybe he really is a master genius with multiple doctorates from every Ivy League school!

    Well, I agree that Trump has no class, but I think UncleScoopy is being unfair to rocks, many of which perform valuable functions, such as reducing beach erosion and as paperweights (although air conditioning has devastated the paperweight industry).

    I think Trump’s perception of Pence is very intermittent, and takes place only when Pence is standing directly in front of him and waving his hands in front of Trump’s face. Sometimes not even then. Trump also perceives him as a potential fall guy, but he perceives everyone that way, probably even Barron.

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